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Industrial Automation Maintenance and Support

Are you under constant pressure to drive productivity and minimize downtime?

You are not alone.

Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering help, or worker training, we have you covered. Our data-driven, outcome-based industrial maintenance services can provide the specific support to help you maximize productivity, minimize operational risk, and meet your business goals.

The Growing Skills Gap

Supplement your workforce to address critical skill shortages Retain and build critical skills Stay productive and keep up with customer demands.


Your access to skilled talent is decreasing as operational demands
and the need for new skills are increasing. Your workers with critical knowledge and experience are retiring and leaving the workforce, but the availability of qualified young workers is not sufficient to replace them. Simultaneously, the move to smart manufacturing is putting new demands on your workforce. The convergence of business and industrial systems, and the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies are creating a need for new skills to implement and oversee more connected operations. The skills gap is a global challenge. As it widens, it threatens to reduce your productivity and slow your time to market. You need ways to combat this challenge today.
Strengthen Competency and Fill Skills Gaps Reduce the impact of the skills gap on your operations with Workforce Support and Training Services from Pakistan Automation. These services can help you, Supplement your workforce to address critical skill shortages Retain and build critical skills
Stay productive and keep up with customer demands

Pakistan Automation Supports Industrial Workers with:

Industry Experienced Professional Instructor-led courses with Advance Industrial automation training on the world’s top Leading hardware includes Wonderware Intouch, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Endress & Hauser, Spirax Sarco and Emerson Fisher is the need of the hour, we provide an array of opportunities for fresh graduates and Industry Professionals who wants to uplift their skill, to get train and grow.



Re mediate the Risk of Downtime

Occasionally, you may encounter situations that need technical expertise outside the scope of your workforce. When service needs arise, you may benefit from additional on-site or remote support to help minimize
downtime, optimize equipment performance and improve employee efficiency.

Supplement Your Workforce

Are you having trouble filling a position? Or do you just need to capture critical knowledge before it walks out the door? Our workforce support services can augment your on-site staff to fill any gaps and help keep
production running.

Start-up and Commissioning support


can help you avoid improper equipment commissioning due to lack of knowledge or skills, which can lead to future production problems. Our field-service professionals
can help get your equipment up and running on time, and work with you to verify that it’s performing safely, efficiently and as designed.


Job Aids

provide essential information that can help minimize errors, especially among new employees or for routines that are not performed frequently. Our aids can cover a wide range of technologies and job functions, and are available in a variety of languages. They can include:
– Procedure guides
– Troubleshooting guides
– Document reference guides
– Quick-reference guides or cards
– Customized job aids

Preventative Maintenance

service agreements are available for when you don’t have the resources to develop and sustain a preventative-maintenance program on your own. We can provide plant-wide
maintenance services on all your automation assets, identify pending failures, and recommend what components should be repaired or replaced.

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Fill skills gaps.Strengthen worker competency. Maximize productivity.Building Tomorrow’s Advanced Industrial Workforce